Do you run stationary vehicle rental? Learn how to increase your earnings. Share vehicles for Car-sharing minutes.

Expand your rentals.

Increase the availability of your vehicles. Maintenance-free rental using the application. This system allows you to increase the use of vehicles by allowing you to rent for 1, 2 or 3 hours, It is an ideal way to rent a car for all those who use vehicles only occasionally or for those who who need a different type of vehicle from time to time than they own. Just plug the driver into your vehicle and enjoy the benefits of the software.

What does anySharing IT system give you?

  • Many years of experience in more than 30 rental companies
  • Full control of the entire fleet and employees.
  • Money flow management
  • More accurate and fair accounting for journeys
  • Dynamically adjusting prices to the time of day or week
  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android and www
  • Reading data from CAN, camera connection possible. Remote ignition disconnection
  • A huge number of supported vehicles: bicycle, scooter, scooter, segway, microcar, car, yachts ....
  • Cooperation begins with7 EUR / month per vehicle

Please download the pdf file with system functionality for carSharing.

See what benefits our system gives you


If you have a rental point

By integrating with the system you will be able to remotely monitor and control rentals, and the system will automatically generate reports. Use the potential of GPS and OBDII

You have little used vehicles

Let your vehicles not stand in the parking lot, they work only for you.
The very fact that they will drive will advertise you.

You want to invest in carsharing

One of the fastest growing industries in the world. Join this business and take part in changing the image of ownership.
globalna siec

Join the global network

One small rental shop will not do miracles.
But combined with hundreds of others, it is a powerful player on the market.

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