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A franchise for ready idea for a profitable business


Are you looking for a business idea on which you will earn in a few months?


Invest in an innovative business that allows you to achieve a satisfying income.


Open your innovative rentals with our support and experience.

Choose the types of vehicles you want to rent ready vehicles or we can integrate the vehicle of your choice. There is an extension on our side, improving the system, taking care of the program, and you are involved in the management and organization of the rental.

Projected monthly income of the investment

The number of scooters
A minimum of 5 pieces
The number of kick scooters
A minimum of 5 pieces
The number of bikes
A minimum of 5 pieces
Monthly gross amount of earnings for






* The above-mentioned information is a forecast prepared on the basis of the last year of operation. The above information does not constitute an offer within the meaning of art. 66 of the Act of 23 April 1964 Civil Code (Dz.U.2018.1025).

You buy from us scooters, bicycles or scooters fully prepared for rent. Your vehicles will be included in the anySharing network and will be available for rental! Or if you have a vehicle (s), we equip it with a carsharing driver, configure it and you are already connected to the system!

It all depends on what development path you choose for your business.
When you are just an investor, we charge a service fee and get a percentage share of the amount of vehicles you drive (you have full pay preview)
When you are under our brand, but the website is on your side, you only have a monthly subscription, and the whole profit is for you (you have full pay preview)
When you act as your brand, you have a monthly subscription fee
Remember that you can already have transport, so the smallest investment on your side is the cost of purchase and assembly of GPS / trackers and you are visible in the system

It is our responsibility to see if the battery is charged, whether the vehicle is in an attractive location, or if you have to clean it all is included in the fixed cost of maintenance

In the system you have a separate application for the administrator, where you can watch how your vehicles behave, how they earn historically, and also generate reports

You earn a whole year, with the warmer the more money

The minimum contract period is 12 months

Due to the fact that we are ecological and we use vehicles mostly electric, the matter is simply the additional batteries that will be exchanged in the least time used by users. Add gasoline, add electrics to charging stations.

You must have an open business

Our software is used by the largest companies in Europe. We have such an extensive system that the rest dreams only of such transparency of the admin panel. You do not have hidden costs.

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