Telematics and software for car sharing, scooter sharing, kickscooter sharing and bicycle rental

Corporate car sharing - E key to the fleet

What is car sharing

Carsharing or car sharing is a model of car rental where people rent cars for short periods of time, often by the hour. Software for sharing vehicle rental using a telematics device installed in the vehicle that is integrated with the IT system.

Car sharing software for effective car management from the pool available. Allow users to book private and business trips online and via the mobile application.
Car sharing device / Scooter sharing device

Device IoT to track scooters, bicycles, cars with mobile aplication. We are able to connect any vehicle for sharing. We are able to connect any vehicle for sharing. GPS / Tracker - allows users to check open / closed doors / windows, also to control a smartphone. Firing / blocking / vehicle reservation. Receiving the maximum amount of data from the vehicle, which gives the manufacturer, i.e. fuel / battery reading, GPS location, status from CAN.

    Module - kit to share vehicles
    Telemetry device sharing
    We work with Teltonika
    Energy-saving device sharing
    Zones on the map - with divisions
    Automatic payment. Paid parking zone
    Central locking and ignition access remote
    e-scooter tracking device for IoT sharing applications
Car sharing software, Scooter-sharing system

Made in Poland

Software sharing management

Innovative rental process

Your smartphone is the key


99,99% Server Uptime

Corporate carsharing

    Information on the condition of the scooter / car
    Complete verification
    Automatic invoicing
    Systems integration
    Photographic documentation
    Alerts from vehicles
    Price list setting per minute/hours