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The Kick scooter Sharing

The L8 is a cool, very efficient and economical tool for personal travel. Thanks to a stylish and futuristic look, a great shock absorption design and a strong lithium battery, the L8 was created to provide you with a great driving experience. The serial number is a unique product identity used for quality tracking, after sales service, insurance claim, identification of a missing product, etc. keep the serial number and be careful not to lose it. The product serial number can be found in the following items: outer package, warranty card and L8 body (or more precisely, it is in the body folding structure). The INMOTION E-scooter package includes the following parts: · The main body of the scooter × 1 · Charger × 1 · Operating instructions × 1 APPLICATION Cybertrick The app is a mobile software designed specifically by Cybertrick for its users and can be used to rent, control a scooter, make friends, publish messages. The application can be downloaded from the official website of or related APP stores (for IOS, Apple App Store, for Android, Google Play). APP has the following functions: · Scooter control: blocking, unlocking. · Indicating the status of the scooter: providing information such as speed, range, battery life, etc. · Setting the scooter parameters: Light color, maximum speed, driving mode, etc. · Error detection: performing detection and assessment of health condition L8. · After-sales service: exchange with INMOTION service staff and work out solutions to problems in a timely manner. · Firmware upgrade: check the latest scooter firmware updates and update them by connecting to the network.

Display screen

The LED display screen is an interface showing the operating status of the scooter:

Charging method

The charging port position is on the front of L8, open the charging cover and make sure the charging interface is dry. step 2: Insert the charging port into the charging interface in L8. step 3: When the charger indicator is red, it means it is charging; when the indicator turns green from red, it means the battery is fully charged. Stop charging at this point, because the long charging time will affect the life of the batteries.

Preview of charging security

Charge the batteries every three months or after each pass to maximize the life of the batteries. Charge in the right temperature environment. Failure to charge the battery may damage the battery. Over time, the amount of electricity from the battery will be gradually consumed, which will ultimately lead to over-discharge. Use the battery, charger and cable provided by the original manufacturers to avoid the risk of over-discharging. Make sure that the charger uses the designated cable and has the correct connection. Please, ensure a well-ventilated environment. Make sure it is used in a dry environment. Never allow the charger to come in contact with a water cable, as this may cause electric shock. Do not touch with wet hands, and when charging, immediately pull the plug from the socket of any damage. Make sure you pull out the plug, do not pull the plug by the cord. Do not allow the charger or cable to touch a sharp or hot object. Regularly check the charger and charger cable visually. If you find obvious damage with a charger or cable, do not use the charger to avoid further weakening, but instead contact the seller for replacement. Do not try to repair the battery, charger or cable yourself, but instead contact us for help in case of any problems. Protection against excessive discharges The E-scooter system has a built-in intelligent discharge protection system that actively cuts off the power when the scooter is in the blocking or off state, and the electric quantity is too low. Scooter with excessively discharged protective condition must be awakened by charging, if the scooter does not wake up after half an hour of charging, please contact an authorized INMOTION dealer or the INMOTION after sales service.

How to use the L8

Driving L8 L8 is a modern travel device and commuting. Driving without knowledge of the working specifications will result in unintended injuries. This manual is intended for green hands, especially for beginners L8, giving details on how to properly guide the L8. Issues that require attention in driving are also taken into account. Users should read them carefully and guide the L8 according to the instructions. Precautions before driving When driving and parking, the L8 can cause wear and tear that will reduce the product's performance. Therefore, before driving L8, check the following: · All L8 parts must be checked for safety and integrity without damage. · The folding mechanism is blocked. · Enough electrical power. · Good condition type. · Is the handle fixed; Loosen screws and bolts should be tightened. · Find an open area with a flat surface for guidance, at least 4m * 20m, inside or outside. · You will learn about the surrounding driving environment sufficient to ensure that it is free from interference in the form of cars, pedestrians, pets, motorcycles and other obstacles. · A skillful assistant will accompany you on the side. The assistant must be able to operate the INMOTION E-scooter efficiently and be familiar with the precautions and driving methods in this manual. · Do not try to drive on slippery or wet surfaces. · Wear a protective helmet and articles to protect against possible injuries.

Steps to beginners

· Hold the steering wheel with both hands, Promote L8 and turn on the power. · When the power is turned on, the front decorative lights and rear lights will be lit. · Stop the pedal with one leg; Looking ahead, another foot should be on the ground forward using the initial speed, after starting the initial speed control level, the L8 can accelerate to forward motion when the accelerator pedal is activated. · At this time, another foot also enters the pedal. Two feet are facing forward and back. He stands in a naturally upright position, and two eyes look forward horizontally, like to the ground. Keep your body balance. · Lightly press the accelerator lever to accelerate. The degree of acceleration depends on the degree of maintenance of the accelerator. Beginners should lightly grip the accelerator and slowly accelerate. · The rotation of the handle can control the L8 in direction. Due to the length of L8, pay attention not to turn in a narrow space. · While the scooter must slow down or stop while driving, press the fingers on the brake button until the scooter slows or stops. · At the same time you can also use after entering the rear fender, it can also slow down or stop L8. · After starting the APO brake (automatic shutdown) the right handle accelerator becomes invalid. · When you do not use the L8, parking for 1 minute can be automatically turned off.

Body stairs · 1: Open the quick-change wrench. · 2: Steering forward. · 3: Press the fold button (if possible with the second step at the same time). · 4: Walking on the folding steering wheel until you click. · 5: The assembly can be completed.

Precautions for safe driving

L8 is a tool for personal travel and commuting. Close control of technology and production was carried out. If users do not use it in accordance with the safety warnings regulated in this manual, a risk of driving may arise. Everywhere or at any time, a fall, loss of control or impact, including violence in the instruction manual, can cause injury or even death. To reduce the risk and avoid injury, users must read this manual carefully and view the related safety video and observe the following precautions. Wear helmets and protective equipment when driving and driving. Please do not drive on slopes above the 15 ° slope. Do not accelerate or slow down on slopes. Protect yourself from obstacles and sliding on the road surface. Do not drive on the grass and the paved road. The penetration depth must not exceed 30 mm. No driving on a scooter to go up or down. No driving on the road. Prohibition of soaking in water. L8 is a transport tool only for one person, prohibiting driving and driving by several people at the same time. Elderly people over 45 years of age or under 18 years of age should be looked after by other people for help. Make sure that the battery has sufficient power and the tire pressure (1.5 bar) is normal. Before you master your driving skills efficiently, do not try to drive at high speed. Please, slow down slowly.

Service and maintenance

Storage Unsupported storage may shorten the life of the lithium battery and other hidden hazards. L8 should be placed in dry rooms with appropriate humidity and temperature. Avoid parking the electric scooter in tanning areas (even in the trunk of the car), because the body temperature and the battery during tanning can increase up to 50 ℃. Battery operation and product life may be damaged. When the L8 is not used, the battery will discharge automatically. Battery power should be monitored within three months and charged in time to ensure full battery charge. Avoid irreversible losses caused by prolonged battery storage without power (deep battery discharge) In winter, the battery may lose electricity due to low temperature. The L8 will be fully charged before placing it for a long time. Cleaning Before cleaning, leave the L8. The charging cable must be pulled up and the charging port closed. During the rinsing process, water must not flow into the battery charging port. Use soapy water, clean water or a soft cloth to rub the outer cover of the L8. Prohibit the use of a high-pressure gun to delete L8. The watertight and waterproof level L8 should have an IP65 degree of protection that is resistant to spillage and dust. Therefore, do not immerse L8 in water, which may cause permanent damage to the L8. The transfer of batteries and electrical appliances should not be treated as general household waste. Since you have contributed to the protection of the environment, driving L8, to further avoid unwanted pollution. Operate the electric scooter and all associated components (battery) via the authorization devices. Follow updated tips. If you have any questions, consult your distributors or contact the after-sales service department. Inflation and replacement of internal and external tires Make sure that the air pressure remains the same in both tires and that they remain at 1.5 bar. If you get a flat tire or need new tires, contact an authorized INMOTION distributor or the INMOTION service department

Driving safety

To ensure driving safety and a good driving experience, please observe the following requirements when using the product. Before driving, be sure to read and understand the L8 instruction manual fully. Do not allow people who have not read and fully understood the L8 user manual to use your L8. Strictly follow the age requirement given in the L8 User's Guide that only people between 12 and 60 years of age can use the product and do not let people outside of this range ride your L8. Pregnant women or people with mental disorders should not use L8. When you feel unwell physically or mentally because of illness or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, do not drive on L8. The L8 is designed for just one rider and never tries to ride twice or more, or ride on a scooter while holding a child or load. Before driving on the L8 make sure that both physical and mental conditions allow you to freely get in and out of the scooter and control the L8, even without the help of others. All elements should be properly and correctly assembled in accordance with the assembly instructions in the L8 Operator's Manual. Incorrect assembly may cause the risk of loss of control, collision or fall. When installing the scooter, be careful to apply the appropriate force, because either over-tightening or too light can damage the scooter or cause a malfunction. Special note: do not assemble or operate when the power supply is on. Do not attempt to modify or service the L8 yourself or let employees who are not authorized by INMOTION do the work. If there is any problem, contact INMOTION at any time because it is your most reliable choice. Before driving, always make sure that there are no irregularities on the L8, such as loose parts, damage or defects. The front wheel L8 is pneumatic, and the charging pressure or pressure in the tire is not properly maintained, which can lead to instability of driving or easy damage, and even road accidents in extreme cases. Measure the tire pressure at least once a month and measure again before starting a long distance run. If a loose part, damage, anomaly or malfunction is detected during use of the L8, stop using it immediately, and solve problems and repair them in a timely manner to avoid any dangers. Before charging the scooter, make sure that the charging port is dry and free of defective operation and foreign objects. Only the correct socket (100V-240V / 50HZ-60HZ) can be used for charging. When the scooter is charging, keep children and pets away from each other and make sure there are no flammable materials nearby. The L8 battery must be stored in an ambient temperature of -20 to 45 ° C. Do not place L8 where the temperature exceeds 45 ° C. When the ambient temperature drops below -20 ° C, the battery will go into a self-locking state and will not be able to be charged or used. If this happens, first move the L8 to a warmer place to unlock the battery for charging and use. If any leakage or other irregularities (including cracking, unpleasant odor or smog emission, overheating, etc.), stop using the product immediately and prevent the battery from contact with other objects. Without permission, never attempt to open or disassemble the batteries, perform any irrational operations or use it in an irrational way. Depending on the condition of the battery and ambient conditions, a fully charged L8 (screen displaying 5 power bars) will have a standby time of around 180 days, and not a fully charged L8 (screen displaying 1 bar of power) will have a standby time of around 90 days. Keep this in mind and avoid irreparable damage to the battery due to lack of charging at the right time. Do not wear high heels or other unsuitable shoes, too loose or other unsuitable clothes to ride an L8, and always wear specialized protective equipment while driving. When you drive on the L8, it is strongly recommended to wear a pair of protective goggles to prevent dirt, dust or insects from harming your eyes and undermining driving safety. Never try to drive L8 on rainy days or on wet surfaces, because wet and slippery roads can reduce tire resistance and extend the braking distance of the scooter, and can lead to loss of control or other accidents related to tire slippage. Use a soft cloth to wipe and clean the scooter body and never rinse it with strong water jets or a high pressure hose, or immerse the L8 in water, as there may be hazards such as uncontrolled breakdowns, abnormalities or accidents. Never try to drive on the L8 in adverse environmental conditions, such as bad weather, poor visibility, poor lighting, etc., Nor will you ride on it when you feel exhausted. Nights or other low-light environments make it difficult for competitors, drivers and pedestrians to notice each other at the right time, so it is strongly recommended that you do not ride on the scooter under the abovementioned conditions to avoid potentially serious dangers. When driving L8, always pay special attention to changes in the road and surroundings, and always drive carefully so as not to harm yourself or others. Do not ride on a scooter up / down stairs, in an elevator, through revolving doors or in other unfavorable road conditions or environments. When driving L8, always watch out for overhead obstacles. When driving, if you come across an abrupt slope, uneven road or any other terrain conditions that you have not met before, do not try to risk driving. Do not try to twist violently at high speed or sudden movement on a slippery surface, as this can easily cause the scooter to slip and prevent it from being controlled. Ride the L8 on bike lanes and never drive the belts of motor vehicles or other inappropriate places and strictly obey traffic laws and other related regulations. Approaching the intersection or road, lane, turn, space in front of the gate, etc. They slow down and try to avoid passers-by, and meanwhile one should also watch out for dangerous behaviors passing vehicles and people who may pose a threat to their own safety. When driving, always pay special attention to nearby vehicles, pedestrians, holes, sewage covers, railways, dilatation, construction sites on the sidewalk or sidewalk, debris or other obstacles that may endanger personal or personal safety. Never try to make or receive calls or other things that may distract you so that you can always focus on monitoring your surroundings. Ride along designated cycle paths or near the edge of the road in accordance with the direction of traffic, in accordance with local laws and regulations, and never follow traffic. When you drive on L8, do not cut the way of other vehicles or pedestrians. When driving L8, do not try to put your hand in another vehicle and pull yourself. And avoid inappropriate behaviors such as performing aerobatics or X-sports, etc. When you have to drive L8 in a remote area, do not go alone. Even if you have partners on your trip, you still need to be well prepared for the potential risk. L8 is a personal travel tool made for short trips and can not be used for any other purpose, such as delivery of goods, etc. L8 data and parameters may vary depending on the model and may change without notice.

Product warranty

Dear customer: Thank you for purchasing our product! After purchasing the product, please provide correct, complete and authentic personal data, enter the serial number of the purchased product to the warranty card, ask for a valid invoice and keep it in a proper manner to use our warranty service any problem occurs in the future. To ensure high quality of services, INMOTION promises to provide repair, exchange and return services free of charge for products in accordance with our warranty policy (only products purchased on the mainland China). Except for costs, including insurance, delivery, transport, etc., the warranty service is provided free of charge. The scope of the guarantee All products purchased in the official online store INMOTION within 7 days from the date of sale (in this case, the date of acceptance by the customer is treated as the date of sale) are covered by the "7-day lack". -reason of return "according to the rules of the platform. The returned product must be original and its packaging should be free from damage and will not affect its resale. In addition, delivery costs are borne by the customer. For 7 days from the date of sale (in this case the date of acceptance by the customer is the date of sale), in the event of any quality problems and subsequent confirmation by the manufacturer's inspection caused by the product itself, the product may be returned, replaced or repaired free of charge. 15 days from the date of sale (in this case the date of acceptance by the customer is the date of sale), in the event of any quality problems, and then confirmed by the manufacturer's inspection caused by the product itself, the product can be replaced or repaired free of charge. If the customer requests a refund or exchange, but does not return the product within the prescribed period, the right to return and exchange will not be considered valid. The loss incurred by causes not related to the product itself during the return and exchange process is borne by the customer. During the warranty period, if any quality issue is confirmed by the manufacturer as caused by the product itself, the manufacturer will provide a free repair service. The start date of the warranty period is the date given in the legal, authentic and valid proof of purchase provided by the customer. If the customer is unable to provide proof of purchase, the day of commencement of the warranty period is considered to be 90 days after the production date. The following circumstances will not be covered by the warranty and the customer must pay for the repair: The validity period of the "three guarantees" has expired. The damage caused by man-made causes The scooter has traveled over 2,000 km. (For a vehicle that has accumulated more than 2,000 km of mileage, we offer repair and maintenance and tire replacement in accordance with the condition of tires.) Any damage caused by non-compliance with the requirements of the operating instructions for the correct assembly or use of the scooter. Serial number removed or modified The serial number or barcode on the product warranty card does not coincide with the product. The product has been dismantled or repaired by personnel not authorized by INMOTION. Everyday wear (including scooter shell wear, handles, tires, etc.) that do not affect the functionality of the product. Damage caused by accidents or misuse, such as physical injuries, injuries from falling and cracks, collision damage, strong oxidation, etc. Damage caused by overloading, pushing through obstacles (including, but not limited to, descending stairs, hitting the ground, etc.), performing X-sport tricks, etc. Damage caused by disassembly, transport, loading / unloading etc. In the return process for repair Damage caused by fire, immersion in liquid, freezing, earthquake or other unusual storage conditions or force majeure Exhaustion of used parts, such as packaging materials, various types of technical documents, etc. Products used for commercial purposes will not be covered by the guarantee. In the event of malfunction of products whose warranty has expired, INMOTION provides paid repair services, and when it comes to standard prices and accessories, you can contact our after sales staff for more information In the case of malfunctioning products whose warranty has expired, INMOTION provides paid repair services, and when it comes to standard and accessory prices, you can contact our after sales staff for more information. The rules for repairing the product 1. Customers can contact our official support number for after-sales assistance or directly contact the distributors from whom they bought the products and ask them to facilitate the after-sales process. Detailed rules and procedures for after-sales service can be found on our official website 2. After receiving the defective product from the customer, we will initiate communication with the customer about the cause of the failure, liability, repair costs, estimated time needed to correct the irregularities, etc. When there is no more discord, the repair process will start. 3. In the case of products that have been repaired by us, within one month after the repair is completed, the product will be covered by a free warranty service.

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